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We appreciate your interest in Tibbitts Apartments.  We endeavor to
provide clean, well maintained, safe and reasonably priced residences.

As the units become vacant, they are prepared to be "non-smoking" units.

Our application process typically takes from 1 to 3 business days. Difficulty in
contacting previous landtords for references, or obtaining other information may
delay the final decision of whether or not to approve an application.

These are our criteria for screening of applicants:

  • All adults who will reside in the unit must fill out an application.
  • We run credit reports, unlawful detainer and criminal searches on each applicant.
  • Credit report should show more positive than negative accounts.  Note:1 or 2 negative medical items may be "ignored."
  • Verifiable income is to be at least two times the proposed rent.
  • Verifiable, positive rental (landlord) history with no late pays previous 12 mos.  Note: others will be required to have a higher security deposit: up to two times one month's rent.  Co-signers are not accepted.
  • No eviction (unlawful detainer) actions against applicant.  Applicants with 1 Eviction may be approved with 2x One month rent for Security Deposit plus 1st Month Rent.(All other Criteria Must be met as well.)
  • No Felony Convictions within the past 7 years(Crimes against, Person, Property and Drugs)

When the application is turned in, each applicant will need to present:

  • a completed application and appropriate fee (currently $15)
  • a government issued picture identification (like a driver's license or passport)
  • a social security card (necessary to run credit report)
  • proof of income such as paycheck stubbs, award letters, offer of employment letters, W-2's, bank statements, or if self-employed, 1099's or tax returns.

Prices, terms and requirements subiect to change without notice.